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Hypothyroidism Revolution Scam - Dry the roots of celery

Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution Review

Hypothyroidism Revolution Scam - Dry the roots of celery

To do this they must be washed thoroughly with water and then cleaned from the top layer, cut into strips along quite fine, because it will affect the drying rate of the roots.  Sprinkle sticks in canvas and lay out to dry in the sun. They should be dry to the point that they do not crumble, but it can be used for drying oven, but in any case not the oven.

Dry so the roots will need about a week. More celery can marinate. To do this you need four cups of water, one cup of vinegar devyatiprotsentnogo, up to eighty grams of salt to one hundred grams of sugar (per liter jars), three cloves of garlic and bay leaf yes Hypothyroidism Revolution Scam

Full and fresh celery leaves thoroughly washed out, put under tin bay leaves and garlic, and then do the leaves of celery. Fill the hot marinade, and then have about twenty minutes sterilized in boiling water. And, you can marinate the roots of celery Hypothyroidism Revolution Scam Tom Brimeyer

To do this, take four glasses of water, one cup of vinegar devyatiprotsentnogo, three or four buds of cloves and the same number of peas allspice. Prepare fresh and ripened the roots of celery, remove the top layer, cut off the tops, washed thoroughly and we must take cubes. After a few minutes to drop into boiling salted water with added citric acid, immediately toss it in cold water we get there, given the drain water and rot in the bank on the shoulder. Fill out the contents of the hot marinade and continue to pasteurize cans at a temperature of 95 degrees. If the half-liter cans after twenty minutes, twenty-five liters. Recipe: Chicken with celery You Can See Privacy Policy Here


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