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Hypothyroidism Revolution - Celery Soup

Tom Brimeyer Hypothyroidism Revolution Review

Hypothyroidism Revolution - Celery Soup

Hypothyroidism Revolution Celeriac Recipe: slimming soup, salad, celery harvest for the winter, the chicken and celery. Recipe: Soup from celery to lose weight. Celery soup made from the following product 400 grams of celery, six medium-sized onion, half a kilo of cabbage, three tomatoes, two pods of green peppers and spices. Thoroughly washed vegetables , dry them, clean and finely chop.

Then fill it with vegetables three liters of water, salt and pepper to your taste, put the pot over high heat content, bring soup to a boil and boil for ten minutes left, and then the fire must medium, and cook until soup until vegetables are tender. What is the secret of this soup, you ask? Hypothyroidism Revolution Review

The fact that the celery diet It is very product that helps to quickly throw off excess weight, which is why it is advised that all surgeons their obese patients before the imminent surgery, so they threw off the excess weight. This soup is also called zhiroszhigatelnym. It is widely known as a diet at one of the soup, you should eat for a week, but he still allowed using other vegetables (excluding potatoes) and fruits (except bananas and grapes) and drinking allowed non-carbonated drinking water. Recipe: Salad of celery. This salad is very easy and nutritious Tom Brimeyer


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